Large: The Outdoorsman Dog Treat Sampler

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1. Hare Sausage 6″ 50g/unit 4 pcs
2. Meaty & Tendon 40g 4 pcs
3. Back Strap Stick 6″ 12g 4 pcs
4. Braided Bully 6″ Standard 30 g 4 pcs
5. Pig Ear 50 g 4 pcs
6. Stuffed Gullet 60 g 4 pcs
7. Deer Sausage 50 g 6 pcs

Total Pieces: 30

Our Dog treats are 100% natural, dehydrated meat with no chemicals whatsoever! Single-ingredient,  sourced premium meats from South America, top quality/grass-fed, rich in protein, nutritious, and delicious! Comes with many health benefits (ex. Most of our treats aid dental health & helps with anxiety since).

The product is freshly handmade and placed in an oven to dehydrate for a period of 1-3 days. Since there’s no moisture left in any of our products, we place oxygen absorbents in every sealed package. By doing so, there’s no room for microbial growth and the low-odor treats can last anywhere from 2-3 years. Our products are all natural and don’t have any hormones, antibiotics, or harmful ingredients so they’re always safe & digestible!


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