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With a vision for a realistic design of a laser bullet, not yet found in the market, this practical one piece laser design was developed by founder Raul Moldes. It was due to an urge to innovate and create on September 2018  that made Hits Arms, LLC come to life. Our bullets are meant to have the same specs and dimension of a real bullet, made not only for safety reasons but for the sake of implementing a realistic sense of approach for any type of training. 

Here at Hits Arms we respect 2nd Amendment rights and honor our US Veterans to the highest degree. Out of respect and appreciation to all Veterans, and those who are currently serving, we will donate portions of our sales to effective and trusted organizations via raffles.

We love to hear and interact with our customers, so if you would like to send us a message reach us at or reach us through social media. 

Stay safe, and as always, aim to hit!


Provide a useful, quite, and practical training tool for shooters of all levels as well as ensure a secure and effective practice when going to the range is not possible.


To bring new shooters into the sport by establishing confidence through a new take on safe and realistic training.


To preserve and expand our second amendment rights and pay our respects to all Veterans,


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