Product Specifications

The  Real Dry Fire Laser Bullet Gen. 3 or “Laser Bullet” , available in 9mm Luger, .243 Win (for 308/30-06 parent casings), and .223/5.56, has been tested to work between 3,000-5,000 shots, although some units have tested far beyond 10,000 shots! Furthermore, this “bullet” laser ranges +200 yards at night making night time dry fire shooting possible; DO NOT point the laser at any moving object such as vehicles, airplanes, or at people etc. as this may be considered a crime or even a felony. DO NOT expose the laser trainer to extreme temperatures, moisture, or strong impacts (i.e. hard fall to the ground); this is an electronic device, and it must be treated as such. When you finish dry firing, gently eject directly on top of a surface to prevent any internal damages due to high impacts. Our laser trainer includes a 2 Year Warranty (voided if abused, exposed to extreme temperatures and impacts, or shot over 1,000 shots). Laser beam is activated when there is pressure on the sensor from the firing pin of the firearm. Our Real Laser “Bullet” has a power of <5mW, class IIIA, and it is the strongest non-harmful laser. Meaning, it will not burn your skin or have a fire hazard, however, please DO NOT point to your own eyes or at anyone else’s. 

✔️LOADS INTO MAGAZINE & RACKS INTO CHAMBER LIKE A LIVE ROUND- Hits Arms laser bullets are made to the same SPECS & DIMENSIONS of a LIVE round.

✔️NO NOISE & TIME/COST EFFICIENT– Train at your own convenience without putting a hole in your pocket. You’ll be able to practice your shooting skills indoors even when you have NO TIME to make it to a range. Best of all this tool is SAFE/COST EFFICIENT

✔️IDEAL FOR ALL LEVEL SHOOTERS– (Approx. 4000 shots)- SAFE for INDOOR PRACTICE. Safely practice holstering/unholstering and hone your shooting skills at the convenience of your own home or office. Train new shooters before using live ammo.

✔️PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR/ NIGHT-TIME USE-Hits Arms <5mW potent, yet safe laser bullets, are perfect for practicing in  low light 

✔️CLEARING MALFUNCTION/ SPEED RELOADING DRILLS– With multiple magazines with multiple Hits Arms Laser Bullets

✔️SERVES AS A BORESIGHTER FOR YOUR OPTICS,  For best use, align the scope with the laser  at 25 yards and then zero your rifle at 100 yards. If you’re a hunter it is recommended to zero about 1.5 inches above your target at 100 yards to be able to hit dead on at about 200 yards, and within 8 inches (size of your hand) at about 300 yards. To get true zero you must shoot your firearm, this among any boresighters in the market will get you within several inches of your zero. No laser device takes barrel harmonics, windage, elevation, bullet drift, and other into account.

✔️PARTIAL CUTAWAY IN RIM FOR BETTER USE IN SINGLE ACTION FIREARMS-face cutaway to the extractor to avoid ejection in between “shots”

Approximately how the laser should be introduced via the chamber or magazine if you have a single action firearm. In doing so you may need to use a rod via the  muzzle to remove the cartridge. By facing the cutaway to the extractor, the round  will not extract every time you  rack the bolt.

Comes with o-ring(s) to help ensure a much stable shot and a better fit in the chamber. Triangle engravings have been added to the bottom of the laser cartridge to help quickly discern this tool from a live round. Get a customized laser engraved logo for an extra $13, just select that item in the shop.

The Laser Dry Fire Trainer “bullet” is a tool that increases gun safety by

1.) acting as a chamber block, due to its design the laser dry fire trainer is placed in the chamber making it inoperable to fire live ammunition as the gun will no longer be able to take live ammunition unless the laser dry fire trainer is manually and physically removed by doing a semi-disassembly of the gun. No accidental way of removing the laser dry fire trainer negligibly or an accidental discharge of the gun while the laser dry fire trainer is in the gun’s chamber.

2. it is a device used by law enforcement/military, professional shooters, and new shooters to enhance firearm safety when trying a new firearm they have no experience with or they want to train without using live rounds. For the new shooter it will teach a correct and proper grip (to prevent and avoid accidents when using live rounds) and also teaches the shooter to gain confidence and avoid flinching or moving the gun before firing anticipating the recoil and blast that the gun will make when using live rounds. The movements made due to the anticipation of the blast and recoil is one of the many factors that provokes a lot of gun accidents as one may completely miss their targets.

Here we strive to reduce that number as much as possible.

3.) It is very common for parents to teach their kids about guns, how to handle and shoot. What better and safer way can be done when there is an affordable and harmless tool (3mw laser, according to the FDA it is so safe you can point it in your eye, obviously don’t recommend doing so) with no recoil, or blast.

Calibers Available:

    -9mm Luger


    -.243 Winchester

-(.308/.30-06 parent wildcat casings)

       – Chambers in .260 Remington, 7mm-08, .308 Win.,   

       .338 Federal, .358 Win., .270, .30-06 & more!

Thank you for your business and Enjoy your purchase!

Ray Moldes and Team Hits Arms

CEO, Hits Arms, LLC.

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