PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING AND MESSAGING
*Please don’t forget to read warranty and instructions BEFORE purchasing. TOOL MAY NOT WORK if you have a Custom/Match/Precision/Competition chamber or barrel as they are non-SAAMI compliant and MAY NOT chamber or work as designed.
  ** Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and other manufacturers are known for having non-SAAMI compliant chambers
(bigger chamber) and tight extractors (than normal) that causes a minute tilt in the chamber and can throw off the impact of the laser grossly. This is NOT A DEFECT of Hits Arms, if you experience this apply duck tape (1/4inch wide and 1/2inch long) should only wrap half of full diameter. On the triangle engravings so it can fill up every space of the chamber. THIS ONLY HAPPENS TO NON-SAAMI COMPLIANT Chamberings!  By purchasing you agree to our terms.   

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